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Remember growing up and having that secret diary you hid from your brother or maybe keeping a journal in school? You kepts all your intimate details close at hand and had a blast reading them many years later!

Now, fast-forward to today and lets face it, with wedding plans in the works, a baby on the way, crying children, family vacations and the ins and outs of everyday life, we just don't have the same time anymore. Time goes by too fast and while we remember all the big events in our lives, it's those little, fun and exciting ones that often get forgotten forever. Jebs Apps has taken the concept of a Memory Jar and converted it into an exciting and innovative app (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android) to track all those "little" memories.

A typical Memory Jar works by writing a memory on a slip of paper and dropping it into a glass jar. You can then open this jar when you just need a little "pick-me-up" or around the holidays when all of the family is together. With the Memory Jar app, all you have to do is:
Capturing a memory is that easy! No more searching for scrap paper or a working pen, as long as you have your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device, you're ready to save a memory! After you've captured your memories watch the built in Year-in-Review slideshow or create your own custom slideshow with themes and background music! This is a great way to create a slideshow for each child or set of grandparents.

App Features
  • Quickly create a memory
  • Automatically captures current location
  • Sets current date
  • Search for a specific memory* or list them all
  • Memory Jar themes (more coming soon)*
  • Back-up & Sync your memories with DropBox*
  • Create unlimited custom slideshows*
  • Year-in-Review slideshow
  • Share memories with Facebook & Twitter*
  • Watch slideshows on device or over Air-Play*
  • Create a family DropBox account & everyone can contribute*
* Denotes available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.


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Use Memory Jar To...
  • Track your wedding plans and share it on your 1st Anniversary
  • Record the milestones of your pregnancy
  • Save a digital "baby book" for your children
  • Capture the highlights of your family vacations
  • Watch slideshows on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more
  • Remember your 1st year of marriage and share it on your 10th Anniversary
  • Take photos of your children's artwork to save forever
  • Show at family reunions
  • Remember the big memories, we'll take care of the small ones

Memory Jar is available for any Apple device running iOS 6 and greater. According to Apple, this includes the iPhone 3GS (and greater), iPad 2 (and greater) and iPod touch 4th generation (and greater). If this is you and you're ready to start saving a lifetime of memories, go to the App Store and get it now!

Android users, Memory Jar is now available for you! Head over to Google Play and download it now.

Do you know someone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and think they would love Memory Jar? Why not buy it for them as a gift! Read these easy to follow instructions to purchase Memory Jar for a friend or family member. How To Gift An App

Please visit our list of Known Issues for any bugs we have identified and currently working to resolve.